You are distinct and accomplished. We believe that you deserve the finest things in life. Having understood that your time is precious, needs are unique and your simplest decision makes a big difference; we have designed for you an exclusive proposition that will fulfill your desire for quality, exactness and privacy.

NDB Privilege Select is the pinnacle of private banking in Sri Lanka and is designed to provide exceptional individual attention to our most elite clientele. Complete with unique financial offerings that include a range of novel wealth management and wealth creation tools, Privilege Select offers you a total financial services package along with exclusive benefits that complement your lifestyle.


Privilege Select is an exclusive relationship banking membership granted to clients that maintain deposits or investments of more than LKR 20 Million or an equal amount in any foreign currency approved by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka at NDB.

Portfolio Management and Relationship Banking

Our offering to you ranges from investments, lending and derivative products. Within our exclusive Privilege Select Floor, we have created an ambience of elegance, comfort and tranquility, equipped with private meeting rooms, priority processing facilities and other necessary business amenities.

A dedicated and experienced “Relationship Manager” will assist you in making key wealth management and investment related decisions based on your requirements.

Our banking and investment solutions are tailor-made to fit individual needs. We offer the following selection of products and services:

  • Liability Products in Foreign and Local Currency

    Savings / Current Accounts and Fixed Deposits

  • Derivative Products

  • SFIDA Deposit Products

  • Commercial Paper REPOs in Local Currency

  • Treasury Bills / Bonds / REPOs in Local Currency

  • Asset Products

    Home Loans

    Auto Finances

    Overdraft facilities / Personal Loans

  • Preferential Tariffs for all banking products and services

  • 24 hour access to banking services

  • Advisory services

More Details...

Investment Banking

NDB Investment Bank Limited (NDBIB) is a fully owned subsidiary of NDB that will drive the enhancement of your wealth through the private placement of Equity and Debt instruments while NDB will invest in Capital Market products such as:

  • Capital Guaranteed Products
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
  • Commodities (ETF)
  • Capital Market Investments

Wealth Management

This service is offered exclusively through NDB Wealth Management, the largest private sector asset management company in the country. NDB Wealth Management will help you maximise your wealth with a range of novel solutions to suit the varied risk appetites of sophisticated investors. Mutual Funds - Wealth Management Products

  • Mutual Funds
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management


We have an exclusive Bancassurance arrangement with AIA Insurance, the largest, independent, publicly listed, Pan-Asian Life Insurance Group. NDB and AIA Sri Lanka pioneered Bancassurance solutions in Sri Lanka in a joint collaboration to deliver wealth protection through an innovative mix of insurance solutions.

Capital Market Investments

Stockbroking services are offered exclusively through NDB Securities (Pvt) Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of NDB and a licensed stockbroker registered in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE). NDBS will channel you towards investment opportunities in the CSE and provide expert advisory services on capital markets while offering a wide range of capital market products that include Margin Trading and Online Trading.

Infinite Privileges

The NDB Privilege Select Visa Debit Card gives you easy access to your money anywhere in the world through any Visa-enabled ATM. It can also be used to pay bills and unlock a host of special offers. In addition to an exclusive Visa enabled Traveller’s Card for all your travel purposes, you will also be entitled to a NDB Privilege Select Visa Credit Card, which will provide you with the ability to get funds whenever you need them giving you security and peace of mind..