NEOSBIZ revolutionizes traditional SME banking with a secure, easy to use mobile banking app, built on the Bank’s renowned NDB NEOS digital banking platform. NDB is proud to introduce the first of its kind business banking mobile app in Sri Lanka, for the benefit and convenience of its customers.

NDB SME business customers can now register for the NEOSBIZ service through any NDB branch. Once registered, customers will be able to download the app free of charge through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store based on their device, appoint user & transaction limits, and enter a world of banking on-the-go!

The new NEOSBIZ service provides SME customers with the ability to carry out a host of activities such as paying bills, transfer funds, manage salary remittances, manage suppliers and payees, conduct bulk transactions, carry out merchant QR payments, inquire transaction details and includes flexible authorization assignment capability for required users with just a few simple taps.

The NEOSBIZ app has been developed taking into consideration some salient requirements of the SME business customer such as granting of approvals and employee management whilst providing the ability for the customer to view their entire banking relationship through a single dashboard. The mobile app displays details of the accounts, loans, deposits, and cards held by the SME client.

Enjoy a revolutionized banking experience with NEOSBIZ!

Below are some of the unique features of NEOSBIZ

360° Home Screen

Users are able to view information such as balances of accounts, credit cards, fixed deposits, loans and leases through home screen.

Recent Transactions

The users can view the 10 last transactions using this feature.

NEOS Activity

NEOS Activity assists the customer to inquire all transactions which have been performed through NEOS Biz mobile app. The details will be displayed as individual records and the user will be able to see information such as status, from account, to account, transaction amount, etc.

Transaction Approvals

Users can be given access to NEOS BIZ as Inputters and Authorizers. Customers can set up the approval process as per their requirements. Once a transaction is authorized by an Authorizer, the Inputter user will receive a push notification through the NEOS BIZ app with relevant transaction details.

Employee Management

Users can update employee details with the employee's account information, EPF number and name in order to carry out relevant payments to the employees.

Payee Management

Users can save payees by updating the supplier account information.

Biller Management

Users can save billers and their relevant account details by using the biller management option in order to make bill payments.

Salary File Creation

Users can create a salary file which can be used to remit salaries for up to 50 employees.

Bulk Salary Payments

NEOS BIZ facilitates paying bulk salary payments to employees. Users can select up to 50 employees at a time for bulk salary payments.

Bill Payments: Single and Bulk Transactions

Through NEOS BIZ, bill payments can be processed as a single or bulk payment. Users can select up to 10 billers at a time for bulk bill payments.

Fund Transfers: Single and Bulk Transactions

Funds transfers can also be processed as a single or bulk payment. Users can select up to 10 payees at a time for bulk funds transfers.

Merchant QR Payments

Users who have been assigned relevant limits can perform QR transactions without requiring any further approvals.

Credit Card Settlements

Users can settle credit card outstanding balances via NEOS BIZ.


Users can receive messages from the Bank through Inbox feature. Users can also initiate requests directly to the Bank through the Outbox feature.

Confidential and Controllable Features

The app will consist of different levels which can be accessed in accordance with the access provided by the employer. All information can be accessible to the business owner and be controlled by them.