Key Features 

Three specialized loan plans to select from for various business needs


  • GOODS Loans (for raw material purchases & financing suppliers)

A short term solution that enables you to obtain raw materials for your business and necessary goods from suppliers

(Financial assistance from Rs.250,000 - Rs.1Mn.)

Minimum 6 months to maximum 12 months loan tenor with equal monthly installments

Single Installment of minimum 3 months to maximum 6 months with monthly interest service payments


  • CAPEX Loans ( for managing capital expenses)

A long term solution that enables you to purchase necessary fixed assets and heavy equipment for your business

(Financial assistance from Rs.500,000 - Rs.1Mn.)

Min 12 months to Max 48 months with equal monthly installments


  • BIL (Business installment loans)

A loan designed to help you manage the administrative and operations activities within your business 

(Financial assistance from Rs.250,000 - Rs.500,000)

Minimum 12 months to maximum 24 months loan tenor with equal monthly installments




More Details

Only existing customers are eligible for the Araliya Loan as per the following guidelines:

  • Liability Relationship

Minimum 6 months relationship with minimum average credit balance between LKR 50,000 and LKR1,000,000

  • Asset Relationship
    Minimum 6 months on book with successful repayment behavior – up to 30 days past due over the period


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