FCY Deposits

We can serve you even if your not based in Sri Lanka

Who can get our services?

  • Individuals – Foreign Nationals and Nonresidents of Sri Lanka
  • Fund managers, Trust managers, Associations and firms


What we offer


  • Term : 1 month, 3 months, 6 months & 1 year and 1 year deposit with monthly interest
  • Short Term Less than a year and Long Term Foreign Currency Bank deposits
  • IIA Accounts to support investments
  • Uninterrupted /Guaranteed Cash Flow options to meet your monthly commitments by repatriating the interest income to your bank accounts of your choice overseas
  • Withdrawal of deposits prior to maturity of the deposit can be accommodated to meet urgent payment etc at prevailing market rates at the time of withdrawal
  • Repatriation of capital and interest income to your bank accounts overseas
  • Standing orders from your savings accounts
  • Interest income for foreign currency savings accounts until usage of funds
  • International visa debit cards. Debit card can be linked to your foreign currency Savings account for overseas usage supporting   online payments or purchases  overseas
  • Credit of interest from your Foreign currency Fixed deposits can be automated to your Foreign Currency savings accounts to support your international debit card usage from any part of the world
  • Visa international credit card for usage overseas and automated settlement from your interest income of deposits
  •  Suitable investment options to suit your profile and financial requirements 


Other Services

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager and Portfolio Management
  • Back up Relationship Manager for uninterrupted services and portfolio Management
  • 24 hour contractibility
  • Ease of operating of accounts through mobile app NEOS and Internet Banking and recognition of overseas mobile numbers for alerts of debits and credits to all your accounts.
  • Advisory on market volatility and movements for better portfolio management
  • Monthly E-statements for each of your account and summarized portfolio details
  • Risk management by validating instructions
  • Nomination of your accounts as per your requirements to support estate planning



  • Gihan   + 94 76 824 7802
  • Hiruni   + 94 76 406 0352
  • Sasrika + 94 76 208 8631

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