Project Loans

Your project loan from NDB would be tailored to suit your business.
Key Feature

NDB offers the unique advantage of combining the resources of its group companies to structure the most appropriate financial package for your project loan. Our highly skilled professional staff have the capacity and capability to act as service providers for both local and global financial institutions in the area of project evaluation and project implementation.

NDB Group's investment banking subsidiary, NDB Investment Bank, has structured several securitizations for various industries. The Bank, based on its own credit guidelines, participates by way of subscriptions to securitzation instruments of selected securitization exercises.

What you’ll need

There is no standard application form as each project is unique. We at NDB require the following information to assess the viability of your proposal.

  • Sponsors' background

    The business experience and other background information of the principal sponsors.

  • Information on sectors/markets

    Sector/Market description (including: structure, market share, industry growth rate, borrower's competitive position, outlook for company). Justification for projected market position, sales plan distribution cost and availability of transport, tariffs, quotas and the effect of any changes in regulation on proposed project, competition/competitive advantage.

  • Detailed description of the proposed business

    • Production process
    • Location and site/land ownership
    • Production facilities
    • Utilities/infrastructure
    • Raw materials
    • Manpower
    • Production forecasts
    • Development/implementation programme
    • Proposed board of directors
    • Management/structure/experience
Project Cost
  • Estimated project cost in local and foreign currencies
  • Contingency and working capital assumptions
  • Potential co-investors
  • Proposed financing plan
  • Basis of debt/equity split
  • Project profitability with the assumptions used
  • Sensitivities
  • Break-even analysis
  • Financial rates of return
  • Financial information of the sponsor should be given for a minimum of 3 years
Additional information for existing businesses
  • Historical background
  • Present status
  • Latest financial statements

For more information contact +94 11 231 8950 (Supun) or +94 11 231 8951 (Nilanthi)