NDB Green Statements - An interactive statement with a graphical analysis for your personal and corporate accounts
Key Feature
  • Guaranteed security with password protection
  • Receive a consolidated e-Statement, displaying an overview of all your products at NDB
  • Graphical description of monthly savings and expenses
  • An easy to understand e-Statement
  • Capability of carrying out your own financial analysis
  • E-Statements of individual accounts depicting transaction wise details
  • No charges apply
What you’ll need

Simply visit the closest branch to enroll for e-statements

Application forms

All applications can be obtained at an NDB Bank branch

  • New NDB Customers

    You may enroll yourself at the time of opening your account with the Bank

  • Existing NDB Customers

    Applications are available at all branches and on our corporate web site

  • Corporate Customers

    Simply speak to our branch personnel to obtain the facility