The NDB Debit Card gives you the recognition and flexibility to carry your account with you, wherever you go. This global card gives you unparalleled access to withdraw cash from innumerable ATMs and can be used to make cashless purchases in millions of establishments worldwide.

This card facilitates payments without cash or cheques. It is an effective money management tool for all banking individuals-either with or without a credit card.

The NDB VISA Debit Card not only allows you to conduct ATM transactions like balance enquiries and cash withdrawals but also provides you with easy access to supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants and many more merchant establishments locally and internationally.

Combining the wide acceptability of a credit card and the thoughtful prudence of an ATM card, this is the most convenient accessory for you. No more fear of overspending. No more searching for the nearest ATM, Offering comfort and convenience especially to you from NDB. Fill in the Debit Card Application and hand it over to the nearest NDB branch or mail it to us.



  • Allows you to pay for your goods and services all over the world in one currency
  • Safer than cash!! - Need not worry about carrying or losing money
  • 24-hour access to bank (bank-in-wallet)
  • Provides a better cash management
  • Simplifies monthly accounting routines- Purchase gets directly debited to the savings/current account.
  • No fear of over spending –spend up to the limit in the bank account
  • All transaction appear on your bank statement
  • The Visa Debit Card can be used for transactions/payments done through the internet (VbV sites only)


Instructions to NDB card holders

When you receive your card and PIN;

  • Activate your card by calling our 24/7 customer service line (+94112448888) or through the NDB NEOS Mobile Banking application.
  • If you are travelling overseas, please contact our customer service to enable an uninterrupted experience with your NDB Debit Card.


Dispute Management

Click here to access Online dispute form


Debit Card Tariffs 




Issuance Fee     



LKR. 750/-

Annual Fees      

LKR. 300/- ( 2nd Year onwards)

Cash withdrawal from NDB ATMs

LKR. 5/-

Balance inquiry per print out from NDB ATMs    

LKR. 2/-

Card replacement           

LKR. 400/-

PIN replacement             

LKR. 150/-

Cash withdrawal from Lanka Pay ATM Network

LKR. 30/-

Balance inquiry from Lanka Pay ATM Network   

LKR. 7.50/-

Cash withdrawal from other VISA ATMs               

Min LKR. 100/-

Balance inquiry from other VISA ATMs  

Min LKR. 50/-

Cash withdrawal from Foreign ATMs      

Min USD. 1.5/-

Declined ATM transaction - Insufficient funds (at other ATMs)     

LKR. 50/-

Daily ATM withdrawal limit         

LKR. 150,000/-

Privilege Select Daily ATM withdrawal limit          

LKR. 250,000/-

Daily purchase limit        

LKR. 250,000/-

Privilege Select Daily purchase limit        

LKR. 250,000/-

*** "Restrictions on overseas transaction limits shall apply as per the prevailing exchange control regulations"