Treasury Products

NDB offers a range of Treasury products and services delivered by a competent team.
  • Dealing in Foreign Exchange

    We offer competitive rates for buying and selling foreign exchange, and for raising loans in foreign currencies to finance trade transactions. We also offer facilities to hedge foreign exchange risks of importers and exporters through buying and selling foreign exchange in the forward market.

  • Corporate Deposits

    We offer a range of deposit products that are suitable for corporates to invest their surplus cash positions. These include call and term deposits from the bank, Government Treasury Bills and Corporate debt papers.

  • Customised Treasury Solutions

    NDB is geared to offer specific treasury solutions, such as structuring and marketing corporate debt instruments - (commercial paper / floating rate notes) for your funding needs, as well as balance sheet risk management tools such as interest rate swaps and forward rate agreements that will enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Corporate Advisory

    We also offer our customers a comprehensive range of corporate advisory services including advice on currency and interest rate movements, and hedging techniques.