Regularly putting money aside to meet your short-term and long-term goals makes sense. Saving now with NDB Bank can help your dreams become a reality in the future. NDB is here to help you achieve your goals with a variety of savings options to suite your needs.

Your Savings Accounts have been renamed with effect from 01st October 2015
Big Saver Easy Saver

The below table illustrates the current and new account name.

Current Name New Name
Savings Account Regular Easy Saver
Savings Account Special
Flexi Savings Account
Premium Plus Savings
Savings Star Savings Account
Savings Star Plus Big Saver

Please click here to view the applicable interest rates.

  • Minimum account opening deposit requirement
    • Easy Saver - LKR. 1,000
    • Big Saver - LKR. 25,000.
  • Interest shall be calculated on a daily basis and credited at the end of the month.
  • Interest will be paid for all accounts which maintain a minimum balance of LKR 1,000
  • All new accounts opened would be given the option of receiving a printed statement or an e-Statement.

  • Accounts for Normal Saver
    • Easy Saver
  • Account for High Value Saver
    • Big Saver Savings
    • Real Saver
    • Vishmitha
    • Children Savings
    • Shilpa Savings

Why you should save ?

  • Save for an emergency (an unexpected financial event )
  • Save to upgrade your lifestyle (buy a new house, a car, go on a vacation or your children’s  education)
Ways to Increase Your Savings

  • How Much Money Should I Save?

    Everyone makes a different amount each month. They also have different financial obligations each month. It is important to realize that one set rupee  amount is not going to work for everyone. Here are some basic guidelines you should follow when determining how much you should save each month.

    The standard that many experts set is at least ten percent of your income each other. This is a good starting point, to save ten percent of your salary. It is not an easy way to start, because it is a set amount of money each month. You should be determine to save this amount regularly . You should set a side this amount before you determine on your spending 

    Income – savings =what left for expenses

    You may also want to work on increasing the amount you save each month. It is not unreasonable to begin saving twenty percent of your income or even more each month. If you make a significant more than you need to live each month, then you really should save a lot of money. It is also important to remember to give as well.

    Once you begin saving your money, you should give it a purpose. For example you should have three to six months of living expenses set aside in an emergency fund. Then you may set aside a portion to save for retirement. Many experts say that you should strive for fifteen percent each month for retirement alone. Then you may set aside money for a vacation or a new home. After that you may have some that you save just to build your wealth.

  • Savings Goals - How Can I Increase the Amount I Save?

    It is important to set tangible goals when it comes to saving money and building wealth. Your savings goals can help you to achieve your dreams. You can save money to buy a house or to travel abroad, or to retire early. The amount of wealth you build now will help you to live more comfortably when you are older. It can also put you in a place to help your children when they are grown.

    How to Set and Reach Savings Goals

    The first step in reaching your savings goals is to set attainable and realistic goals. You may want to start with small goals and slowly increase how much you save each month. It is also important to reward your milestones. This can help motivate you to continue to save even when it is difficult. Careful planning and discipline can help you to reach your goals much more quickly. Set a dollar amount you want to save each month by the end of the year, and slowly raise your savings by Rs 1000.each month to begin to reach your goals.

  • "Ithuru Karana Maga" (Easy Ways to Save Money)
  • Savings Calculator
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