NDB Shilpa Children's Savings Account is a unique account designed with a belief that education is the best gift for a child. 'NDB Shilpa' aims to help instil the savings habit in children, while partnering them through infancy up until adolescence as a mentor and a guide supporting their education each step of the way.

NDB Shilpa Children's Savings Accounts can be opened with a minimum deposit of Rs. 500/=
An attractive Till will be gifted for every account opened with Rs. 1000/=
A free insurance cover will be gifted for accounts with a balance of Rs. 20,000/= or more*
Standing orders will be placed free of charge for money transfers from parent's/guardian's NDB Account to NDB Shilpa Children's Savings Account
Accounts opened with a pledged amount under the savings plan will receive an additional bonus interest in addition to the regular interest received
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