Control your spending and maximize on your savings through the NDB Salary Max Account exclusively designed for salaried individuals.
The benefits you gain from a NDB salary max account
Remit your salary for 3 consecutive months* and get a loan equal to your monthly salary.
Dream Maker Personal Loans* at an attractive interest rate with a reduced processing fee.
"Viyana Home Loans" at a fixed interest rate of 12% p.a.
A free financial guide booklet with advice on Savings, Borrowings and investments.
A Credit Card with special seasonal benefits.
50% discount on bank drafts.
No minimum balance requirement for the current account.
The first standing order placed within the first 3 months of the account opening is free of charge
Committed amount will be saved as a cash buildup in the Real Saver Savings account with bonus interest.
The first cheque book is free of charge.
As a NDB customer you will also enjoy the convenience of ;
Free Internet banking facility.
24 hour customer support.
how to max your salary
Save and spend
No matter how much money you make, you can always use a little bit more.
But then the truth is that you aren't always in a position to increase your income or to trim your expenses.

What is your saving formula?

If this is your approach to savings then you're misguided.

Here's the correct way to save and effectively manage your expenses.

•  Maintain an account for daily expenses and another for your savings.
•  Attempt to save at least 10% of your monthly income.
•  Keep a fund for emergencies which should ideally be between 3 to 6 times of your monthly expenditure.
Minimize unnecessary expenses
Plan your expenses and spend only on what is important and necessary. Then your savings will grow automatically.
Manage your personal investments wisely
Think carefully before you take a loan
Settle on a monthly installment which you can afford to pay monthly. Avoid taking more or less than you need. Remember that a loan is only a method to get funds you lack, for a specific requirement.
Increase your income
There are two main methods to increase your income. One is to create an additional income stream. The other is to develop oneself professionally and move up in your career.
Open an NDB Salary Max account today to reach out and achieve your goals with ease.
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