Real Saver

Take advantage of currencies that appreciate against the Rupee, and enjoy attractive interest rates, by saving in foreign currency.

RFC - Resident Foreign Currency Accounts - for Sri Lankan nationals residing in Sri Lanka

NRFC - Non-resident Foreign Currency Accounts - for Sri Lankan nationals employed abroad.

RNNFC - Resident Non-national Foreign Currency Accounts - for residents of Sri Lanka who are not Sri Lankan nationals.

You are free to remit out funds without prior approval from Exchange Control.

You can maintain your funds in any foreign currency approved by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, and convert to rupees as and when you wish.

No withholding tax is charged on interest earned.
Get a Rupee overdraft facility against your 12 month foreign currency fixed deposit, of up to 90% of your deposit (Minimum of Rs. 100,000).

Interest is calculated on daily balance and credited monthly

Safe Deposit Locker
You will be entitled to a safe deposit locker* at a nominal rental, provided an average balance of the equivalent of Rs. 250,000/- is maintained in your foreign currency savings account, or a minimum of the equivalent of Rs. 1,00,000/- in Fixed Deposits. Click here for more details.
*subject to availability

Foreign Currency Account

The bank offers Foreign Currency Current / Savings and Fixed Deposit accounts which could be opened and maintained, subject to prevailing Exchange Control regulations.

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