NDB whilst focusing on business growth gives equal focus to its "people" who contribute and are responsible for its shareholders in delivering business promises.

What is unique about NDB is that it values its people as well as takes care of the families of its people as family is what is closest and most treasured by the staff.

In the above context, HR encourages all its employees to embrace a healthy work life balance through the many welfare programs that are conducted. Emphasis is given to the mental and physical wellbeing of its people. Many of these programs are extended to the families of the banks’ employees giving them pride of place within the NDB community. The welfare programs extended to the families seek to foster wellbeing, talent development and rekindle leadership of its staff member’s children.

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NDB Toast Masters
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Wealth Management
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Health Program
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Leadership and Talent Development of NDB Children
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Give Voice to Your Child's Potential
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CRazy CRafTs' Kids Workshop
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